My daughter has been in care at Toot-a-Lou Family Daycare for 1-1/2 years and it is with great sadness that our daughter is leaving for preschool. Lorie Harden is a wonderful care provider. The Toot-a-Lou facilities are age appropriate, stimulating, clean, and safe. I was always impressed with Lorie's ability to connect with each child, her patience, her energy, and organization. My daughter was always very happy to spend the day with her and the other children, and always came home with something wonderful that they had made together. Toot-a-Lou has provided a safe and loving place for our family and has prepared my daughter for preschool. I have recommended Toot-a-Lou to several friends who are now enrolled. We will miss Lorie very much. Paami Disston, Berkeley  
I just wanted to Express my Appreciation to Lorie Harnden of Toot-a-Lou Family Daycare in Richmond Annex, CA. She has been taking care of my 2 year old twins . She has taught them colors, animals, arts and crafts and the alphabet Song, and numerous other things.  My children used you to cry when I dropped them off at my previous babysitter. I would worry all day.  When I started taking them to Lorie they would tell me good bye when I dropped them off, with a smile on there face instead of tears . Thats how you know a child has been takin care of and loveed . From day 1 they allways love to go to Lorie's ''Toot-a-Lou Family Daycare''.
        Thank you 
if you are interested in a Wonderful Daycare this is one of them.S.N
“Our son is finally old enough to move on to Pre-school and we feel so lucky to have found you and are very sad that his stay with you is over.  We will be back to visit soon, we all love your daycare so much!”D.C   
Dear Lorie,
     A million thank you's would not be enogh for us to express our gratitute to you. We will always remember the loving and nurturing care you provided Chris with since he was just an infant. You have one of the most important jobs in the world and you are amazing at it.
    Karen & Adam 
I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for our family. You have made the transition from home to daycare seamless and gave me peace of mind.
     Chrissy & Jason
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