About Us
What do we do all day ?

   We start our day at 8 am with free play, 9 am  breakfast. T-K  curriculum after breakfast then we go outside and play, do art, sing and dance.  11 am we wash up and get ready for lunch.   12 pm stories time and nap . Snack at 3:00 and T-K curriculum, more outside  play. 3:45 we come in, clean up and have free play as the children get ready for pick-up.

Each day will include
-Indoor and Outdoor playtime
-Nature walks 
-Healthy food & snacks.
-T K Mother Goose Curriculum

Our daycare is filled with creative toys, games, music,  and books. We love sharing in their enthusiasm and daily discoveries!e. We also have a vegetable garden that the children help with, as we believe that there is nothing better then letting children experience 'real' things for themselves if we want to nurture their eager young minds and impart the values we embrace of caring for the world around us!

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